Sit, Stay, Love Dog Training

(A Divsion of Personalized Pet Care by Cheryl)

Services available:Jack the beagle/bulldog pup


* Canine Basic Obedience and Behavior Modification Training

Dogs do not speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German nor even Pig Latin. Understanding how to communicate with your dog so they can know what you want of them is important. In basic obedience training, Cheryl guides you and your dog to a better understanding of the traditional basic obedience set - loose leash walking, sit, stay, down and come. For dogs with other behavioral issues including, jumping, nipping, fear aggression, possession aggression, food aggression, etc., Cheryl will build a unique program designed for  your dog's needs. Because all dogs learn at a different pace, there are no minimum number of lessons. Lessons are conducted in your home at your convenience.


* Online Training Sessions

For those who do not live on Long Island, or those who want to do a session without leaving their home, Cheryl will can provide training via online conferencing (Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger). For many dog training needs, this is a convenient way to get the advice and instruction you need. Please note that if Cheryl feels a situation will not lend itself to quality training via online conferencing, she will notify you upfront and an inperson session (if you are located on Long Island, NY) can be arranged.  

* "Walk & Train"

For those who are unable for any reason to do traditional training with their dog where both owner and dog are trained (a service Cheryl also offers), this unique service combines a structured walk along with training to improve your dog's behavior. While changes with "Walk & Train" may take more time for the owner to see, the benefits do become evident as the dog learns the skills they need. Cheryl recommends a more traditional approach as this not only trains the dog, but also builds a bond between owner and dog, but when the owner(s) are unable to do so, this is a wonderful alternative. The ultimate combination is "Walk & Train" followed by one or more training lessons so the owner(s) learn how to get the same great responses from their dog with far less effort.


Petsitting in your home

Cheryl comes into your home in accordance to your pet's normal schedule and provides services including feeding, water changing, litter box cleaning and dog turn out or walks while you enjoy your time away from home. Your pet's routine is not disturbed resulting in happier pets. You come home to a well cared for pet who is happy to see you without being stressed by your absence.


* Scheduled, focused dog walks

For those who need an extra walk for their dog, this is the ideal situation. Not only does your dog get physical exercise, but also your dog gets mental exercise. As Cheryl tells clients, "My walks with your dog are structured and focused to give them the physical and mental exercise that helps them be the best dog they can be. The key to a happy, healthy, well-balanced dog is the structured walk. By structured, I mean the dog walks in the fashion that highly trained dogs walk - on the left side, right next to my leg. Dogs who previously pulled or wandered from side to side quickly learn through simple means that walking in proper position is easy. They enjoy the walks that much more and come home pleasantly relaxed and happy." As a result, you come home to a dog who is happy to see you but in a calmer state of mind.

Want to see one of our client dogs practicing his loose leash walking skills? Visit our YouTube video of Jack.

* Adopting/Adopted rescue/shelter dogs

For those who are thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue, Cheryl will help you pick the right pup for you and your lifestyle. She will accompany you to a shelter/rescue and advise you so you get the best fit. 

If you already have a rescued dog and need some training help, Cheryl offers a discounted training rate. All you need is proof you adopted your dog from a recognized rescue or shelter.